A Suggestion For Parents


if we want our children to grow well cultured, we need to give them two kinds of education (Vidyas)

School & College Education

This is Loukika Vidya

Veda Vidya (or) Kula Dharma Vidya

This has to be learnt on hoildays either in the house or in Gurukulam.If you are sending your child to Gurukulam to learn our Kula Dharma,or family culture,please think of this:The child will easily understand things in Gurukulam if atleast a token of culture is present in our house,

How to Preserve Our Kula-Dharma At Home

  1. Your son should be trained to get up at 5-30 a.m.
  2. He should chant Snana-Sankalpa during snana.
  3. He should know how to wear Brahmachari dress
    (Madi-Pancha with Kach-cha), while he performs
    Sandhyavandana and Devara Puja.
  4. Gopichandana Nama & Mudra. He should learn.
  5. He should know his Gotra, Names of Rishis
    (Pravara) Abhivandana mantra.
  6. He should learn the mantras & practicals for
    Yag-yopa-veeta Dharana and Visarjana Mantra.
  7. While Bhojana, he should know 3- Mantras
    (1) Santar pana ” Anna – Dana ” Sankalpa
    (2) Pari-she-chana & Praaana-Ahuti Mantra
    (3) Bhojana conclusion (Uttara-Aaposa).
  8. He should know the difference between Niramalya
    Tirtha & Dodda Tirtha and the significance of each.
  9. Learn to locate Tithi, Vaara, Nakshatra in Panchanga.
  10. Learn how to take Tulasi Dala from the plant.
  11. Should do Namaskara to Guru first and then sit for the Vedic Class. And at the end of the class,do Namaskara and then leave the class.