Veda Vidya

No (2)    Madi-Pancha & Kach-cha

When you go to Bazar to purchase Baby- Computer or Baby-Cycle for your child, go to a Cloth-Shop and purchase a pair of Baby-Madi-Pancha, Cotton. It is two ”elbow length in height and  4- elbow  in  length  (for   the  boy).  To  his  father,  it is 3×7 ”elbow length”.  If  Appa  keeps  this Kach-cha habit  for  Japa,  Puja  etc.,  the  child  in his 5 or 6, begins this for himself.  A  thoughtful Appa takes time to dress his child in Kach-cha practice in house during his  Sandhya-vandhana, Japa,  Pooja  etc,.  The  child  feels  proud  that  he   is also Madi and sits proudly  by  the  side of Appa (or  Thaa-tha).  Even  Amma  can  dress  the  child  in Kach-cha. If this is practised in the house, your boy will help other boys in Gurukulam.

No (3) Gopi-Chandana-Nama-Mudra

No (4) Aachamana.