If we want our children to grow well  cultured, we need to give them two kinds of education (Vidyas):

(1) School & College Education.
            This is Loukika Vidya.

(2) Veda Vidya or our Kula Dharma Vidya   This has to be learnt on holidays either in the house or in Gurukulam. If you are sending your child to Gurukulam to learn our Kula Dharma, or family culture, please think of this: The child will easily understand things in Gurukulam if atleast a token of our culture is present in our house.

For Example :

No. (1)  Madi Snana:

During daily Snana, at its concluding stage,  keep a mug of water in hand. Think for one second “Ganga, Ganga”. Utter the same orally and if you pour that water on your head, it is Madi-Snana. This much (this little) if the child learns in the house, he will very easily understand Snana-Sankalpa taught in Gurukulam.

No. (2)  Madi-Pancha & Kach-cha

When you go to Bazar to purchase Baby-Computer or Baby-Cycle for your child, go to a Cloth-Shop and purchase a pair of Baby-Madi-Pancha, Cotton. It is two “elbow length in height and 4-elbow in length (for the boy). To his father, it is 3×7 elbow length. If Appa keeps this Kach-cha Japa, Puja etc., the child in his 5 or 6, begins this for himself.

No. (3) Gopi-Chandana-Nama-Mudra
No. (4) Aachamana.

Make it a regular practise in the house to keep one set of Pela, Pancha Paatra, Ud-dharini exclusively for the child, as also Mudra-Gopi-Chandana Set. Let the child sit with Appa for this. Initially Appa can put Naama & Mudra for the child for about a week. Afterwards make it a self-practise by the boy, day by day. When he comes to Gurukulam, he will feel at home with regard to this practice and learn further.

No (5) Sandhya-Vandana & Japa

Mother lights Devara Dipa, puts a special seat for the child to sit in front of Puja Box. Let him perform Sandhya and Japa as known to him. If this practice is taught in the house, it will make things easy for the boy to perfect it in Gurukulam.

No. (6) Pravara (or) Abhi-Vaa-da-ye

This is your family matter. Your Gotra and Pravara is totally personal to each family. It is your Dharma (duty) to teach this to the child and make him practise from his Upanayana day.

No (7) Manga-laa-rathi with Ghanta-Sound.

This can also be practised in the house, first without flame. Teach the child to hold a small Ghanta in his left-hand and Mangalarthi-Paathra in his right hand. Let him produce Ghanta-Sound and perform Mangalaarathi. This practice in the house will save a good lot of time in Gurukulam during Deva-Puja-Practical. All this for Junior Vidayrthis.

For Seniors

The printed syllabus of Guukulam is available with every Vidyarthi. Spend one hour (9 to 10 a.m) with the boy every sunday and holidays. (Only one hour a week).  Keep his syllabus in your hand as also the related Text-Book. Check up with your son. Let him chant the portion you want. Now-a-days, C.Ds are available. Play it and ask your son to chant and keenly compare his pronounciation and Swara.

Devara Puja in the House

 Ask him to perform Devara Puja in the house atleast minimum on two holidays in a month.

Your Blessings Please
“ Your Yatha-Sakti ”

There are many noble hearted Dharmavatis and Dharmavaans in our society. It is with their blessings, this Dharmic work is going on all these years. They bless and send their ‘‘Yatha-Shakti’’.

Per Vidyarthi it is around Rs. 3,000/-

How To  Preserve  Our  Kula-Dharma At  Home

1.  Your son should be trained to get up at 5-30 a.m.

2.  He should chant Snana-Sankalpa during snana.

3.  He should know how to wear Brahmachari dress (Madi-Pancha with Kach-cha), while he performs Sandhyavandana and Devara Puja.

4.  Gopichandana Nama & Mudra. He should learn.

5.  He should  know his Gotra, Names of Rishis (Pravara) Abhivandana mantra.

6.  He should learn the mantras & practicals for
 Yag-yopa-veeta Dharana and Visarjana Mantra.

7.  While Bhojana, he should know 3- Mantras
(1) Santarpana “Anna-Dana” Sankalpa
(2) Pari-she-chana & Praaana-Ahuti Mantra
(3) Bhojana conclusion (Uttara-Aaposa).

8. He should know the difference between    Niramalya Tirtha & Dodda Tirtha and the significance of each.

9. Learn to locate Tithi, Vaara, Nakshatra in Panchanga.

10. Learn how to take Tulasi Dala from the plant.

11. Should do Namaskara to Guru first and then sit for the Vedic Class. And at the end of the class, do Namaskara and then leave the class.